Amazing Feats are special achievements in Wii Party U that are acquired when players complete certain tasks.

Amazing Feats

  • Sudden Striker: Score a goal within three seconds of kickoff in Tabletop Foosball.
  • Balldozer Rush: Drop 20 or more balls in one round in the Balldozer.
  • Triple Catch: Catch three goldfish at once in Fishing Buddies.
  • Crowd Control: All four players end up occupying the same space in Highway Rollers.
  • Snappy Scratcher: The blue or red player must find three of five Miis in one go in Scratch 'n' Find Mii.
  • Perfect Timing: All four players land with the same number of seconds remaining in Safe Landings.
  • Virtuoso Vaulters: All four players land at the exact distance in Mii Vaulters.
  • Fashion Foes: During a game of Mii Fashion Plaza, all four players must wear the same outfits as they walk across the stage.
  • Rulers of the Rink: All four players must score over 20 points in Ice Spinners.
  • Saddle Masters: In Balancing Broncos, all four players must stay on their broncos without making any mistakes.
  • Drop of Destiny: Acquired in Token Drop where all players have the same score after using all three of their tokens.
  • Dart Domination: All players must score more than 100 points without making a mistake in Jumping Target.
  • Going the Distance: In Super Snow Sliders, all 4 players must be at the exact same distance.
  • Dice Control: The player with the GamePad must roll the same number 10 times on GamePad Island.
  • Consistent Distance: All four cursors must be at the exact distance from the target in Freeze!.
  • Fleet Footed: Players must complete Water Walkers with perfect jumps.
  • Dead Heat: When Slot Car Circuit starts, the blue and red players must cross the finish line simultaneously within 10 seconds.
  • The Grandest Slam: During a game of Tabletop Baseball, the red player must score a grand slam with two outs during the final inning to win the game.
  • Ramblin' Scramblers: In Apple Scramble, all players must have the same number of apples when the minigame ends.
  • Survival of the Fittest: In Pool Party, all players must remain on the table until the very end.
  • Sky's the Limit: In Twisted Flight, all players must fly the exact same distance.
  • Safari Standoff: In Safari Hustle, all players must finish the race simultaneously.
  • Demolition Derby: In Demolition Row's Endless mode, players must get a combo of 10 or more blocks.
  • On a Roll: In River Rollin', all players must finish the race simultaneously.
  • Fantastic Flipper: During a game of Mii-in-a-Row, a player must get the same token 6 times.
  • Balance Busters: In Cliff Riders, the players must reach the 100-yard mark at the same time.