Animal Tracker is a game for 2-4 players. From all the Wii Remotes being used, players try to be the first to grab the one playing the correct animal sound.


Animal Tracker features twelve different animals - cat, chicken, cow, dog, elephant, frog, horse, lion, monkey, mouse, pig and sheep - and up to four of them will appear in each round, depending on the number of Wii Remotes being used. The game is played by lining up the Wii Remotes used on a surface, such as a table. At the start of each round, one of the animals will come forward and call. After this, all the animals will call and the players have to grab the Wii Remote from which the animal featured at the start calls from. The first player to successfully grab the Remote gets a point and the next round begins with a new group of animals. Occasionally, some Miis will participate instead. The first player to reach three points wins.

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