Balance Boat is a 2-player cooperative game mode in Wii Party.

Part Of The Game (Expert)


The objective of the mode is to balance 20 Miis on top of a boat without causing the Miis to fall into the water. There are three colored lines which are green, yellow and purple, this marks which Miis can be put on them.


When the game begins, 10 rounds of Pair minigames will happen to determine the size of the Miis. If the players win, the Miis will be the same size (small, medium or big). Losing any minigame makes the Miis be in different sizes, making it harder to balance them.

If the players accidentally tip the boat over, the Miis will fall into the water, and the game ends.

In the one-player game, the partner will always be a Master CPU Mii.


The normal mode is called Double Up. When Double Up is completed on Expert, the players unlock Time Attack, which is the same game but without the mini games and with Miis in random sizes. In Time Attack the players must simply place the 20 Miis two by two, as fast as they can.

Difficulty levels

There are three difficulty levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Expert. On Intermediate and Expert barrels are placed on the ships, making it harder to balance the ship. In addition, on the Expert level the three lines are shorter and shifted.

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