Color Coordination is a Pair Mini-Game in Wii Party.


Above the sea, both players start on a floating island and must cross a wacky wireframe path and get to the finish line in time. However, there are open trapdoors that cannot be crossed, unless a matching button is stood on. When a trapdoor's button is stood on, that and all other matching trapdoors will close, allowing players to cross. When someone comes off a button, all the trapdoors will open again. This is where teamwork comes in as there are many sections where one player has to stand on a button and close a trapdoor to let the other player stand on a different button to let the first player cross.

There are three types of trapdoor and buttons; orange crescent, purple flower, and turquoise star. If one player falls, both have to restart from the beginning at the cost of time not being re-added. If both players can reach the goal in a minute, they high-five and win! Otherwise, they lose if time runs out.


Holding the Wii Remote horizontally, use the D-Pad to move. Stand on a button to activate it.


  • If you are playing with a CPU, he/she will find hidden shortcuts for you and even help you cross them! If you're playing with a real human partner, then the shortcuts are still there and could save you time if you spot them.