Cosmic Capers


4 Player


"It's a good old-fashioned space race! When you fly through the pink rings, you'll get a super speed boost."


Hold the Wii Remote sideways, and use the D-Pad to control your direction. Press 2 quickly to fly!

Cosmic Capers (Space Race in Europe and Australia) is a 4-player minigame in Wii Party.


Miis fly into the track. Minigame countdown begins.


The objective of this mini-game is to be the first to finish a race. Players race in a figure 8 track three times to win. Pink rings appear and disappear on the track. If a player comes in contact with them, they get a speed boost.


  • The world record for Cosmic Capers (Space Race) is 18.2 seconds, held by Multidanielmusic and Kevin7017.
  • In Battle Mode, the camera zooms up to the Mii who finished first, and he or she will smile.
    • The Mii also does a victory animation similar to Space Brawl.
  • This, Space Brawl and Lucky Launch (when launching) have the same music.
    • Part of the music has a slight remix to Gusty Garden Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy.
    • Out of those three, Cosmic Capers and Space Brawl both have to do with space.

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