Highway Rollers is a TV Party mode in Wii Party U which is one of the three successors of Board Game Island.


The game board is a highway that consists of 301 spaces. Each round starts with a 4-player minigame that determines the turn order, and the number of dice the players can roll in that round. 1st place gets 10 dice, 2nd place gets 7, 3rd gets 4 and 4th gets 2. There are various spaces (see below) that can result in the player getting sent forward/backward or other events. At squares 100, 200 and 301, there are challenges that must be cleared in order to move on.


+10/+20 Space

The player jumps ahead by 10 or 20 squares.

-10/-20 Space

The player jumps back by 10 or 20 squares.

Blue 5/10 Dice Space

The player rolls 5 or 10 dice and goes ahead by the rolled number of squares.

Red 5/10 Dice Space

The player rolls 5 or 10 dice and goes back by the rolled number of squares.

Last-Place Boost

The player(s) in last place move ahead by 10, 20 or 30 squares, or get warped to the current player by means of a UFO.

UFO Space

A UFO comes and switches the places of the current player and another randomly selected player, just like in Board Game Island.

Rocket Space

The player flies ahead to square 190 by means of a rocket.

1 vs 3 Space

All players get into a 1 vs 3 minigame. If the Player wins, he gets 5 dice to go ahead, if the Team wins, each of them get 2 dice.


Cross the Bridge (square 100)

The player is given 1 die and has to roll an odd number to clear the bridge.

Failing: Getting an even number is ignored.

  • Odds of completing: 50%

Red or Green Light (square 200)

The player is given 5 dice with green and red dots, and has to roll at least 1 green in order to open the gate.

Failing: Getting 5 red lights is ignored.

  • Odds of completing: 59.8%

Final Challenge (square 301)

In order to complete the final challenge and win the game, the player has to roll at least 40 or 35 with 10 dice.

Failing: If the player gets a number less than 40 or 35, he/she must go back 16 squares.

  • Odds of completing:
    • 20.5% when goal is 40
    • 53.6% when goal is 35

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