Teammate Madness (Team Builders) is a game mode in Wii Party U. This game shares a lot of traits similar to Wii Party's Swap Meet.


This game can be played with three or five rounds. Each round the player has to make a team to earn points. To do this the player plays a minigame to pick out the Miis they want to put on their team of five. The winner gets to pick five Miis to replace, second gets to pick four, third gets to pick three and last fourth gets to pick only two. 

The colors of the Mii's jerseys are orange, pink, purple and green. The numbers range from 1 to 13. During this minigame sometimes a Star Mii will appear which represents any number or color.


Different matches give more points. If the player makes no match it will be counted as "poor teamwork", or "no team chemistry", and earns no points.

List of Teams and Points

Poor Teamwork/No Team Chemistry: 0 Points

Team of Two: 1 Point

Double Duo: 2 Points

Team of Three: 3 Points

Super Team/Serial Team: 4 Points

Matching Team: 5 Points

3-2 Team: 7 Points

Team of Four: 10 Points

Star Team/Super-Serial Team: 12 Points

Perfect Team/Team of Five: 16 Points

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