The Balldozer is a mode in the TV Party section of Wii Party U.


The goal of the game is to collect the most amount of points. To earn points, players have to use balls they get from playing minigames to make the balls on the top floor fall down to the bottom floor and then have balls on the bottom floor go into the pit. After five rounds, the person with the most points wins.

In order to earn balls, players have to play a 4-player minigame. The person in 1st Place goes first and get 4 balls, the person in 2nd goes second and get 3, the person in 3rd goes third and gets 2, and the person in last goes last and gets 1. If there are less players, the last reward is removed.


The Balldozer Machine - The Balldozer Machine is the machine where the game takes place. It features two "floors" of balls with one pit at the bottom of the machine and two dead end zones on the sides. if a ball lands on either of two sides, the point or points don't count and the ball disappears.

Balls - Balls are the weapons the player use to earn points. There are six types of balls with a varied point range.

Bonus Ring - The bonus ring is a ring above the pit of the machine. If a ball goes into the ring, the two floors and the pit lower down and a swarm of balls come rolling down giving the player a better chance of earning points. After a while, it goes back to it's original place. There can only be one swarm per person per round, regardless if more went in. The bonus ring is introduced in the third round, and another one is added in the last round.


There are six types of balls in the game, but there are only three types of point values. 

Name Image Point Value
Blue Ball +1
Red Ball +1
Green Ball +1
Yellow Ball +1
Gold Ball +10
Skull Ball -5

When a ball gets in the bonus ring, the balls that come are ones of the person's color, a gold ball, and a skull ball.

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